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I am a DJ/collector who recently found your Midway album. Albums like Midway are why I spend my life searching for music. Let's just say it took me 34 years to find the album. :-)

I want to tell you that your music is universal. People from all walks of life understand your music. Your music is still fresh in 2009. You are one of the greats.

Stay Fresh,

Eric Nord - Los Angeles CA

Jacques Siroul, you rock my world.

Midway is certainly one of the 100 greatest library LP ever.

Thank you.

Paul Durango

Lovely! Hhm.. High quality stuff. Great, great, great.


Wow what an amazing album, I'm defiantly going to try to get of hold of more Jacques. Thankyou so much.


What a find! Love the slightly dizzy, spacey feel of this one-those synths are very unique and wonderfully executed. Thanks!


Wow what a record this is ! I can imagine someone like DR DRE or EMINEM sampling this record. Killer synth electro music to the extreme. Belgium. But it does not end there the music is wild all over this record. Just take a listen to the sound clip as this rare record is a suure shot shocker !


Jacques Siroul – “Orly” and “Gratte-Ciel”

Jacques Siroul and the ‘Midway‘ album is one of my favorite discoveries of recent months, courtesy of the invaluable Library hunt blog. I like it so much, I have to share two tracks–and I’ll be featuring another in an upcoming revival of the «Le tour du monde» at Musicophilia. Apparently Belgian, this music combines seemingly everything I love about French and Italian sound library recordings: that high-lonesome spaghetti-Western harmonica, Euro-funk break beats and bass lines, haunting melodies, fuzzy Perry-like synths. But the coup de grace is the totally unique and captivating. . . wooziness of it all–the ghostly droning organs and synths, the wobbly effects–the nearest thing I can think to it is a feeling OMD would use circa ‘Dazzle Ships’ about a decade later. It has a wonderful warmth that reminds me of Sven Libaek’s timeless, joyful ‘Inner Space’ soundtrack or the gracefulness of Karl Heinz Schäfer’s Les Gants Blanc du Diable. So give these two representative tracks a listen–and then head over to The Library Hunt and download the whole album while you can–it’s magnificent!

Musicophilia Daily, usa

I got 'My Lovely Planet' (jacques siroul) ! This record has a blurb on the back talking about the concept behind the album and how jacques siroul made it. First time I’ve ever seen anything like this !

Ugly Custard 

Got your Midway Lp on St Germain Rec... Love it...

All the best.

Pascal Schaeffer (Köln, Deutschland)

The king of library music. I've spent many hours listening to "Midway" in heavy rotation.

HSaenz09, last FM

Great LP with breaks, fender bass and strange vocals ! First time I heard about Jacques Siroul. Thank you.

Brother John.

I discovered your music just a few days ago... but it totally changed my life. Really an inspiration. Deep Respect !

Boris Mezga, Comfort Fit. (Deutschland)

Cher Jacques,

J'ai écouté tes 4 titres de Notes perdues au studio. Musicalement, c'est super, les thèmes sont vraiment extra ! Emilie jolie, très beau thème. Femmes plurielles, super. Lorane, mon thème favori mais je suis un grand sentimental, tu devrais le faire entendre à Toots !... Nathalia, j'aurais mis une autre réverb sur l'harmonica, plus de strings et de chœurs, moins de piano électrique mais le thème est super aussi. Plus j’ai écouté pour te donner un avis objectif, plus j'ai aimé ! Amicalement,

Dan Lacksman (Synsound, Belgium)

J’adore HarmonicArt ! Vivement l’album en vente ! Une préférence pour Funky One, Gently One, Jazzy One.

Michèle Asmar (Belgium)

Liens :

Magnifique Jacques ! J’aime beaucoup ton nouvel album HarmonicArt

Dominique Jozeau (Belgium)

I love the compositions and the production of Midway. Great synthesizers along with the solid rythm section. This music was ahead of its time. I’m looking forward to hearing more in the future ! Thanks again.

Norman Chamber, Seattle, WA USA

This is the cream of Library music, thanks ever so much to the uploader....


Hope you are the Jacques Siroul that made records long time ago. I’m big fan of Synthi and your work. Warm regards

Marc Piñol, Barcelone, Spain


I want to say that I am a big fan or your music. I am the proud owner of a copy of your Midway album. Such a high quality album ! My friend Richard told me you, might rissue some music ? Thanks, Norm

Norman Chamber, Seattle, WA, USA

Super ! Félicitations pour HarmonicArt. J’adore Jazzy One !

Aurore Dans (Belgium)

Jacques, rien à dire, c’est une tuerie ! Perso, Bunch of Fellings déchire. Ca fait très plaisir en tout cas d’avoir accès à toute ta vie musicale. Moi, suis fan !

Elouan (Lou St James, Belgium)

Nice album, thanks ! I'd like to hear more from Siroul (or from the label generally).


Are you Jacques Siroul the composer ? If so, I love your music ! If not, well, have a good day...

Richard Bennett, New York.


This is such a lovely LP ! You, Sir, is a genius and I can't wait to check out the rest of your work... Thanks for the music and for improving my life !

Nina, Norway,

23/06/2013, 16:56.

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